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We post the Newsletter here as well as sending a link to those who have signed up for it. With the exponential climb in spam, many people are not opting for automatic emails, and while we are not adding to the proliferation of spam because we do NOT forward our email lists in any fashion, our notices are quite often getting lost in aggressive spam filters.

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All the Newsletters posted will be archived here for a reasonable amount of time for your review (and mine). To that end we have removed the ones from 2011-2015. If you still need to refer to them, let me know and I'll send a copy.

2017 April 2, 2017 Newsletter Call for Entries for 22nd annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition;CWCC 2017; Changes in the Store; mobile site beta testing; Quarantine, the new novel coming from Terry Cassidy.

2017 February 22 Newsletter CWCC 2017; mobile site beta testing; Call for Entries for 22nd annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition; Trip Advisor Reviews

2016 September 28 Newsletter NOPC Launch 21; new Ebooks available; Cobalt, The Cradle of Hard Rock Mining; CWCC 2017

2016 January 13 Newsletter Store Hours; CWCC Update; New Books: Walter Mittler's autobiography What Are You Doing Here?; They Stepped Into Immortality; Store Hours; Upcoming Titles Cobalt ~Cradle of Hard Rock Mining in Canada;

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