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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications Newsletter October 16, 2011

After considerable consideration, we have decided to post the Newsletter on the site as well as send a link to those who signed up for it. With the exponential climb in spam, many people are not opting for automatic emails, and while we are not adding to the proliferation of spam because we do NOT forward our email lists in any fashion, our notices are quite often getting lost in aggressive spam filters. This seemed to be an appropriate compromise. This way, if there is news you wish to forward, forwarding this link is easier for you as well.

Please fell free to spread the word. We're excited about what we are doing, and we hope you will be as well. This is a little longer than it will usually be, because we have some catching up to do.

It Started At Creighton Mine

On May 26, 2011 we held a Launch in Sudbury for Rolf Staude's book It Started At Creighton Mine. This autobiography chronicles his experiences in the 1950s and early 1960s coming to Canada after the Second World War with an unexpected candour and perspective. It also details the workings of the now-closed Creighton Mine in Sudbury. Well worth a read.

Booyah -the Life and Times of Don Pecore

At the South Porcupine Reunion this summer, Don Pecore's story Booyah ~Memories of an Old Rink Rat was launched. Started by Don before he passed away in 1993, the story was completed by his daughter Tina Pecore Bagordo. Don was well-known in Timmins, South Porcupine and the North Bay area where his life of service has been recognized with trophies and even induction into the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame.

NOPC 16 - Scripted Inspiration

In September we held our sixteenth Northern Ontario Poetry Collection Launch for this year's winners in Scripted Inspiration. Sixteen years of bringing our northern Ontario's poets, some for the very first time. The venue was changed from Sudbury to New Liskeard this year to accommodate the two broken ribs I suffered this summer. It was that or cancel the Launch. It was worth it to see the friends again. We have booked next year's Launch for Sudbury.

Upcoming Releases

Highway Book Shop Northern Ontario's Unexpected Treasure

Next week the first copies of the history of the Highway Book Shop arrive from the press, and we are excited to see this first-hand account from co-owner Lois Pollard turn out so beautifully. Unique in its character, with its policies grounded in service to the reading public, Highway Book Shop attracted four generations of customers who returned year after year. This is the story from its beginnings told by Lois Pollard while the pieces of the story exist intact, undamaged by time.

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar  2012

Okay, now I really am feeling older: this is our tenth year producing the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar, listing Canadian writing contests and book award programs for the year 2012. Still on target for Nov 10th mailing. make sure the writer, or prospective writer, in your life has one for their upcoming year.

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