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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications NewsletterJune 8, 2012

Please, if there is news here you wish to forward, forwarding this link will help to spread the word. We're excited about what we are doing, and we hope you will be as well.

I had started three other newsletters, but life is simply moving too quickly. So I will finish this one before it too gets left 'for a few minutes' and then never gets finished.

Our 17th NOPC collection is in the works.

Our seventeenth Northern Ontario Poetry Competition closed May 31st. Arising From The Mist will launch at 2:00 pm Saturday Sept 8th, 2012 in Sudbury, ON. More on the exact location will be forthcoming soon, and if you enclosed a SASE with your entry, they will be mailed the end of July. We might make it a little sooner, but we're not counting on it.

We have been accelerating our schedule to actually allow for some down time this summer. No, those of you who know me are not allowed to faint. We will be moving this summer, and will need some time to settle in and get everything set back up again.

You know, a day or two. Any change of address or disruption of any kind will be announced here and on the main page of the website.

What we would like to do is re-open the Highway Book Shop on Highway 11 in Cobalt, but we are still assembling the financing needed for that project. If you're interested, call me.


CWCC-2013 edition coming Nov 2012

Preparations are in place for the 2013 Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar, and the pre-publication order form is available here. For those writers who take their vacation time to firm up their year, the 2012 edition is still available as well.


Recommended for your summer vacation reading are:

Just Passing Through -The People and Places North of Matachewan It Started At Creighton Mine Highway Book Shop Spitting From High Places Muriel Newton-White set

and of course, we have many more...


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