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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications Newsletter May 10, 2013

Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Call for Entries

Countdown to May 31st deadline:


For the eighteenth consecutive year, (not seventeen as in our previous newsletter) we sponsor the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition, with the annual deadline of May 31st. If your address postal code begins with the letter 'P', we invite you to enter. Each year we have uncovered new talent, have seen the evolution of existing talent, and have joined at the Launch to celebrate our northern voices. Full details and FAQ on this page.

Moose Factory Cree

Moose Factory Cree
by Daisy Turner

We are pleased to announce that we have been granted reprint rights for the much-loved Moose Factory Cree book by Daisy Turner. Originally published in 1974 by the Highway Book Shop, this book helps the reader to read Cree syllabics, and through the two CDs that come with the book, you can hear Daisy go through the pronunciations. This book is an introduction to Cree syllabics which was prepared for use in the Moose Factory schools. It has been used there as an aid to help Indian children to remain familiar with the written form of the Cree language which they now use for much of their schooling. The book has also become popular with visitors to the area who have found it an interesting and encouraging record of the efforts made by the people of Moose Factory to restore their cultural heritage. We are proud to be continuing this tradition.

Cobalt Mining Times Remembered

Cobalt Mining Times Remembered

Cobalt Mining Times Remembered by William 'Bill' Sutton is available now. These memories of working in the Cobalt camp silver mines for decades between the 1950s and early 1990s were well worth preserving. The risks and the sacrifices, as well as the fun, are recorded here as the face of mining has changed so much. From some of these stories, you can see why it had to change to minimize potential danger. Bill has a laid-back story telling manner that is easy to read, and hard to put down.

News regarding sales through Amazon.com and Baker & Taylor in the USA

In January 2013, Canada Post revised postal rates and at the same time, eliminated the US small parcel class. It seems now that all small parcels (in our case-books) must go with a tracking number and the minimum price for 500 grams is revised to $10.35 or $15.56 for 1 kg.

We have been selling books through Baker & Taylor since 1997, and they are one of the leading book suppliers in the USA. But they never have paid for shipping. To make our books available to our friends in the USA, we didn't mind taking a small loss in order to supply those books to the US market. Amazon.com insists on a larger discount and they don't pay shipping either. We've been selling some of out titles through them almost since they started in 1999.

The good and the bad news is that our books are becoming more popular in the USA. With these changes in postal rates, we can no longer afford to supply them to these US wholesalers at a deep loss per book. We have explained the situation to both parties, and have withdrawn most of our titles. They are all still available from our website, or office, and we encourage our friends in the USA to order direct. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in finding our titles.

But, being fair, no one from Canada Post asked what the impact of this decision on their part would be. I could have explained it in great detail.

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