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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications NewsletterMay 25, 2013

Announcing EBooks from White Mountain Publications.

EBooks are here

We've had a few ebooks available for about 10 years now, mostly through Amazon.com. It wasn't as well-known a format then, but it had the potential. We're usually ahead of the curve, and as I thought then, the popularity of this format grew. It will never replace real bound books, but it has its conveniences and appeal, especially for shorter pieces such as poetry and short stories. These are easily read on commuter runs in short pieces, and I predict even more will happen in the poetry market this way.

Our growing list of ebooks is now listed on a separate genre page for your convenience. These are available from our site, not needing to go anywhere else for them.

CWCC 2013- now available as an ebook

Eleven years. This is our eleventh year doing the Contest Calendar, and it is more popular every year. And as of 2013, it's also an ebook. This link will take you to the page the ebook version is available for sale and download. I have had people ask for them, but this time we finally figured out how to make it all happen. So, all those writers who wanted to take it on vacation with them--without loading down their luggage--here it is.

Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Call for Entries

Countdown to May 31st deadline:


For the eighteenth consecutive year, (not seventeen as in our previous newsletter) we sponsor the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition, with the annual deadline of May 31st. If your address postal code begins with the letter 'P', we invite you to enter. Each year we have uncovered new talent, have seen the evolution of existing talent, and have joined at the Launch to celebrate our northern voices. Full details and FAQ on this page.

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