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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications Newsletter June 7, 2014

We are still at this point unpacking the boxes and preparing the new store for opening. It's been a frenetic time. And it's time to start the preparations for the next edition of the CWCC. And so here we are.

CWCC 2015

This will be our thirteenth year doing the Contest Calendar, and it is more popular every year. One major hit for us was the large unexpected hike in postal rates in March 2014. The only change in rates I made this year was to 'split' the $1.10 per book increase in shipping, and raise the shipping rate 50 from $6.45 to $6.95. We should be all right with that for this year. Of course you could avoid shipping altogether by picking one up at our new store in Cobalt, ON. Depending on where you live, the $6.95 shipping rate might be the more cost-effective choice. Our target date for shipping is November 14, 2014. Ordering it early puts your name in the first ones that go out, but they still only come out when they're ready. Orders are mailed in the order they are received.

If your group is planning a competition in 2015, we'd like to hear about it as soon as possible. We try to post new contests, or changes in deadline dates on the Updates page through the year. The links for contest submission are on the left-hand bar. Second from the top, that's it. Choose the most convenient format, or copy the form into the body of an email and send it to us.

The electronic formats have proved popular, and the 2015 edition will also be available in EPub and Kindle formats. We listed the 2014 edition with Available from Kobo here, and will list this edition there as well (when it's ready.) From conversations over the past year, it seems that the electronic version of the CWCC was portable and not able to be lost on vacation, while the print copy stayed safely at the desk. It was an interesting perspective. NOPC Launch; new Ebooks available; Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes; CWCC 2015

So when is the store opening?

Trust me, that's the number one question on my mind as well. White Mountain Publications hasn't really been closed through this whole move. There have been some delays, but all the orders received have gone out. And when I have been able to explain the delay, all of these dear customers have been very understanding. Truly I have the best customers in the world; have had some of them for over a decade. Thank you all.

There are a number of physical considerations in turning a former mining headframe/ grocery store/ then cafe into a bookstore. Although things are coming along, I am not a patient person by nature. I was hoping to be open by now, but the building still needs some care, and I don't want to open, then close, then re-open as physical renovations take place. I feel like the malfunctioning woman going through the Mars passport line in Total Recall when I keep saying "Two weeks. Two weeks." When I have a firm date, this will be the first place I announce it. Here's hoping it is two weeks. It's my closest guess at this time.

Here's hoping your summer is off to a fine start.

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