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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications Newsletter March 15, 2015

As we are coming to the end of this year of change, we look forward to Naw-Rúz on the 20th of March with great anticipation. The store gains more fans all the time. With the weather becoming more condusive to actually getting out and around, we look forward to welcoming even more visitors to see the selection of books we have available. Until mid-June our Store Hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; Sunday noon to 5 pm.

Did You Ever Wonder...A Story About the Báb As A Child

New Book: Did You Ever Wonder&A Story About the Báb As A Child.

This wonderful little book by Will van den Hoonaard and Gloria Savoie captures some of the early life of the Báb and helps connect it to our children in a fun and understandable way. Using carefully gathered information about the Báb, author Will C. van den Hoonaard has created a unique story that will interest children between the ages of 6 and 11.

African Destiny

New Ebook: African Destiny Now in EPub and Kindle formats African Destiny will touch your heart and open your eyes to an Africa very different to the one seen on the evening news.

This story begins with 25 year-old Susan Harding preparing to go to Africa with the purpose of pioneering for at least two years and perhaps even a lifetime. Her first-hand account of life in the Congo and Zaire is given through her letters, and, together with her mother's reactions to the various news, make an interesting and thought-provoking recounting of lives well-lived. Susan's love of Africa, the African peoples, the Faith are so clear through her letters, and her mother, Eleanor Harding, writes with just as much candor about her reactions to her daughter's letters, adventures, her own spiritual journey and her own experiences travelling to her daughter's chosen part of the world. Susan continues to joyously call Africa home.

Happy Naw-Rúz


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