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Welcome to the White Mountain Publications Newsletter September 28, 2016

It's been a while. Although we opened the store the end of July 2014, it has taken this long to finish dealing with the building, and unpack. The response to the store has been positive, and we've had a great time talking to all our visitors. As a reminder to those who have said they would post a review on TripAdvisor, please do so. At least five people came into the store this summer saying that is where we were discovered. The link is here: TripAdvisor reviews for White Mountain Publications, aka White Mountain Books. We appreciate all your support.

Many Northern Voices

The Launch for our 21st annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition happened Sept 10th in New Liskeard. The winning poets are posted and we look forward to the 22nd year. There will be a survey coming out to all poets from previous years to help shape the competition in coming years.

Canadian Writer's Contest Calendar 2017

The chance to save some money on the 2017 edition of Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar is here. Orders placed before October 15th, 2016 save $3/copy and help us determine how many we need to print. Shipping is targeted for mid-November. If your group has a new contest we need to list, the time is now to get the information in. Use our handy formats listed here to make sure your contest is listed. Time moves pretty fast; don't wait.

New Offerings:

Missing in Cobalt

Missing in Cobalt is the murder mystery set in Cobalt 1949 by Terry Cassidy.

Cobalt Canada's Forgotten Silver Boom Town

Cobalt: Canada's Forgotten Silver Boom Town by Doug Baldwin a fairly comphrehensive look at Cobalt's past.

Claybelt Tapestry Vol 3

Claybelt Tapestry Vol 3
the latest collection of information about the institutions and businesses that once populated the area.

We have compiled a list of the books we handle for the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum, similar to the one we have for the old Highway Book Shop books.

Yes, we have been busy. Hope all is well with you and yours. And we'll try not to take as long to post another Newsletter.

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